Town of Hastings passes new law requiring inspection of building sewers for all property sales

 The Town of Hastings has now made all property sales within the Town contingent upon inspection of building sewers.  Illegal connections of sump pumps, gutters, basement drains, etc. have caused a significant amount of “clean water” into the Town’s Sewer system causing issues throughout the system.  Town officials indicate that flows during heavy rains have been as much as 8 times the flow during normal weather.  “The excessive infiltration causes issues from every stretch of the system” said Tony Bush, Town Supervisor.  “Upsizing the entire system to handle the flow would cost millions of dollars that can be saved if everyone does their part. These illicit connections have always been against our Law but now we have a plan for regular inspections.”  The modification to the Town’s Sewer Use Law requiring inspection upon property sale/transfer was passed in May and is effective immediately. 

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Link to Sewer Use Law (Section 516):

Please contract Code Enforcement Officer for questions and inspections:

1134 US Rt. 11

Central Square, New York 13036

(315) 668-2326 ext. 3

Jason Burns, Director of community planning/code enforcement

Mike Lewis, Sewer Technician – (315) 920-3138

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