9/15/2021 Dollar General

Yes, the rumors are true! We are excited to welcome Dollar General to our town. Site work has begun on Rt 11 just south of Hastings Mini Storage and across the street from Moose Mountain Speedway.
It has been a process to accomodate more business to be built in the town. Town Supervisor, Tony Bush, Councilmem Martino, Donohue, Hill and Hotaling and Mark Bombardo (along with other officials over the years) have laid the blocks to make this possible.
More businesses being brought in are a result of the infrastructure work that has been going on in the town, particularly important to development is the water project. The water project began about 17 years ago and in June of 2021 the town began the final phase (#5). We hope that this is just the beginning of positive growth here in our town!
A little about Dollar General: Dollar General began as a liquidating company called J. L. Turner and Son Wholesale in Scottsville, Kentucky. The Turner family opened a retail store named Turner Department Store in Springfield, Kentucky, and in 1955, converted the store to the Dollar General name.

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