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Final Environmental Impact Study

Environmental Impact Study

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Click here for Volume-I-FEIS-5-20-2014

Click here for CNYRP FEIS Volume II

Environmental Impact Study
Volume 3

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CNYRP Environmental Impact Study

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Appendix A:
SEQRA Documentation
Figure 1-1 Location
Scoping Meeting Transcript 1-30-13 AM
Appendix B:
Agency Correspondence
Central Square Fire Company #1 Letter
Figure 1-2 Aerial
Figure 3-2 Soils
Appendix C:
CNY Raceway Traffic Report and data
Flood Plain
Figure 3-3 Floodplain
Appendix D:
Wetlands Delineation Report
WD Report Revised 11-25-13
Appendix E:
Phase 1a Cultural Resources Report
CNY Raceway Phase 1A Figure 3-4 Modeling Locations
Appendix F:
Noise Report
CNYRP Noise Report Final 11-20-13
Appendix G:
T & E Report
Wetland Disturbance Plan
CNY Raceway T&E  Figure 4-1 Wetland Disturbance Plan